Scared of Something Different


Journey of business disruption and innovation

The paperback and e-book by Keith Churchouse and Esther Dadswell


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About the Book,

Early adoption of technology and the way you apply it to your business will be key to its future success. The internet and what it can achieve for you is still in its infancy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution has only just dawned. Time to wake up and make a day of it! Your newly inspired successes won’t happen overnight, and although there might be some immediate development cost, the benefits will be clear in your accounts in two-three-four years’ time and thereafter. Influence what you can.  Influence and don’t waste time with matters that you cannot change. It is a waste of your energy otherwise. But you must also accept that there are no limits to what is now possible.

Now it’s your turn. This moment of opportunity, to break through the ceiling of your business’s current income stream, to challenge your modus operandi.

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