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About the Book,

Whether you are a long established SME or only just out of the incubator of a business start-up, into your infancy and now achieving some maturity, the economic environment is changing and both you and your business should be ready now and waiting to take advantage.

Economics and economies change fast and this is nothing new in the capitalist system that we maintain, and some would argue enjoy. I cannot see the desire for this centuries-old monetary system changing anytime soon. But the reality of day to day trading, especially for some SME's, is usually just to keep focussed on maintaining your market share, proposition and profitability now. This is not unreasonable, it’s been tough for the last few years and you don’t need me to remind you of this.

With our economic climate changing rapidly towards growth, what business leaders do now and in the next 12 months may be the difference between their increased market share, increased profitability and ultimately a high value sale price/ rising income, or just a mediocre conclusion? I am sure that you do not want the records to show this year’s Almanac of your life recording the failure to reflect and to make a positive impact to move both you and your enterprise forward. As the saying goes, 'The buck stops with you'.  This is very true when it comes to directing the future growth outcomes of your flourishing success.

This dynamic proposition lies just ahead and one that will need some thought, innovation, energy and robust planning. 

Cyclical Capitalism

I talk with some certainty about the end of the current economic climate and of the positive prospects to come. This is based mainly on historical analysis and partly because I am ever the optimist. 

I hope that we can agree on the next point of principal. Capitalism is not dead, it has just had a bad and prolonged hangover. Historically, capitalist economies are cyclical in their nature, with past trends suggesting an average modern 'cycle' of 10-12 years from boom to bust. As a reminder, to 2007, the cycle from bust (1991) to boom and then the beginning of bust again was approximately 16 years. In modern terms, this was a long period of economic prosperity. Likewise, the recession just endured has been deep and repetitive (I was happier with the double dip than the threatened triple dip recession!) as we have all experienced. I would anticipate that the climb out of recession will be gradual at first, gaining strong momentum once established. I am not an economist, but a fellow SME director. Time will tell if these thoughts are wrong, I somehow doubt it........if you are prepared.

This book focusses on the preparation points that SME business leaders are considering now to make success happen for their company.

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