The Recession is Over


Time to Grow

The paperback and e-book by Keith Churchouse


Foreword by Sir Christopher Snowden FRS, FREng

As I write this foreword, the global economy is showing signs of recovery from the effects of severe recession. The UK is showing early indications of emergence, with 0.3 per cent growth in the economy in 2012 and encouraging employment statistics in the first months of 2013.

This is the time for companies to seize the opportunities for growth. Economies emerging from recession provide real opportunities for your business and this is the moment to take them. The commercial sector will regain momentum and the business decisions you make in the near future will influence the outcome of your company’s success in years to come.

This book is aimed at those who are already running businesses and for aspiring directors, partners and managers of small to medium enterprises (SMEs). It provides thought provoking ideas and challenges for chief executives and leaders of businesses and charities — especially those that appear to have entered a mature phase of development in recent times. This is a book for those who want to evaluate the success of their enterprise and reinvigorate the business and themselves, capturing the author’s enthusiasm and experience.

Starting a business can be hard enough, but moving it out of the start-up phase or climbing out of a plateau can be even harder sometimes. Keith Churchouse’s book provides informed views, guidance and opinions based on many years’ experience in the financial sector. It is aimed at the aspiring businesses that no longer fit into the ‘start-up’ category, but which have not fully realised their potential or have been focused on surviving the challenges of the recession.

Keith takes a very pragmatic approach in this book, sharing experiences, mistakes and successes. His fresh and energetic style provides the reader with inspiration to make a real difference to the business decisions and directions that are needed in many SMEs to take them on to greater success. The book is aimed at stimulating action by getting managers and business leaders to ask themselves tough questions about planning for the future and assessing where the business is placed today relative to the competition.

I am sure that the highly motivational style of this book will energise your thinking and I hope it contributes to even greater success in your ventures.

Sir Christopher is President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Surrey and a distinguished engineer with wide experience of the international microwave and semiconductor industry. He has previous experience as a chief executive and as non-executive director of several technology companies and advises several others. He has held research and senior management positions in the electronics industry in both the UK and USA as well as having held academic posts in a number of universities. He is a member of the Prime Minister’s advisory Council for Science and Technology and sits on the governing body of the UK’s Technology Strategy Board. Sir Christopher is President-Elect of Universities UK, representing all UK universities and Vice-President of the Royal Academy of Engineering. He was President of the Institute of Engineering and Technology 2009-10. He has been a consultant for several major international microwave electronics companies and holds several international awards. Sir Christopher has published eight books and more than 300 technical papers.




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